Published on February 11, 2018 What’s up America? Are you old enough to remember backyard chickens and fresh eggs? Can you remember having a compost pile in the backyard that the chickens pecked through and kept the bug population in the yard under control? Do you remember all that rich chicken manure and that you never needed to buy any chemical fertilizers from the store?
Kids today think that eggs come from the store. Chickens look like strange exotic animals to young children. Very few children ever get to chase a chicken around the coop or cuddle one in their arms. They never get to go to the nest and pick up the eggs for the kitchen.
America is in a crisis! We are losing our top soil because of chemical fertilizers killing all the living worms and microbes in the soil. We are losing our heirloom tomatoes that were so red and juicy. They were sacrificed for some hybrid that was bred to be firm enough to ship across country.
I called the county government to find out if I could have a backyard chickens. I wanted to start growing my own organic tomatoes. The ones that taste so rich and juicy. The more I learned about growing organic, the more I realized that 3 or 4 chickens would turn the whole yard into a fertile wonderland. I could even put the compost in their coop and they would peck and scratch and poop it into perfect fertile soil. I just wanted hens, so that there would be no roosters crowing. Hens have the quiet clucking sound that should be on those sound machines that help people relax.
I live outside the city limits. However my neighborhood is zoned residential. The lots on my street are 100’x200′. I imagined that when I gave them my address, the county would say. “Just 3 chickens and keep them in a coop.” Of course no one answers the phone at the county anymore, so I left my message at the zoning department. A couple of days later I received a cell phone message: “Chickens are only allowed in agricultural zoning. Absolutely no chickens in any other parts of the county.” Now I was shocked and a little irritated. I know that my neighbor has chickens. I know that I have to slow down the car to avoid free ranging chickens when I drive to the highway. Why should I have to hide a chicken coop and hope the county does not show up? Where are all those little 4H’ers raising their chickens?
So I think that I had to make a video to plead my case. Our lives have become too sterile. Local farmers are going bust, when competing with cheaper veggies from foreign countries. Farmers currently have one of the highest suicide rates in the country. Our top soil is being destroyed by chemical fertilizers and big corporate farming. Peak oil is about to wipe out our ability to have cheaply raised veggies from all over the world. And I can’t have 3 chickens in a coop in my backyard!
That basically shows why this country is facing a crisis. Our lives have become so sterile and spoiled, that children think that eggs just come from the store. We are living a sterile spoiled energy excessive life that cannot be sustained much longer. Local government is so clueless to the economies of agriculture, that they cannot imagine someone wanting a chicken coop in their backyard. It is time to educate our politicians and government officials to enable their citizens to live sustainably. There can be guidelines and restrictions, but don’t just say “Absolutely not!”