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Backyard Chickens Episode 17, FREEDOM!

Hello everyone! today my chickens were finally freed from their coop, and given the ability to roam all around my yard 🙂Its something i have been wanting to do for …

Raising Chickens at “The Chick Inn”

Living Culture visits Ken & Shelley Behymer of The Chick Inn. With 2 acres of land near Monmouth, Oregon, the Behymers raise about a dozen breeds of chickens. They also …

raising organic chickens

This is my chicken flock. The white birds are cornish hen. They are primarily used as “meat birds” source

Backyard Chickens Episode 1

Backyard Chickens: Episode 1 “The Predators”Backyard Chickens is a docudrama that follows the lives of 6 chickens in a suburban backyard. source

Raising Chickens | Chicken Habitat by Nicole Heart

Family works together to build the perfect habitat for their chicks.Nicoles Heart is a self supporting channel. Your donations at http://multibalance.blogspot.com/ and purchases at http://www.etsy.com/shop/MultiBalance?ref=si_shop make this possible –so thank …