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Poultry Farming

Shot For Azra and Hellmann, manufactures of Modern Poultry Equipments, at Megha farm Mysore. Complete automated egg production. source

Raising Chickens In Backyard

My cousins are raising chickens in the backyard of their house. They sure look plump, fresh, and tasty. They have produced many organic eggs. source

Columbus Residents Emotionally Debate Backyard Chickens

Full Story: http://indianapublicmedia.org/news/columbus-residents-emotionally-debate-backyard-chickens-101768/ Several cities and towns in Indiana have passed ordinances allowing for backyard chicken keeping in residential areas. source

Rooster leading backyard chickens

Rooster leading outdoor chickens. The hens always follows the rooster and the hens would be staying around the rooster almost all the time. source