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Raccoon Attacks Backyard Chickens

http://clayfootfarm.comLost a young chicken, pullet, to a sneaky raccoon. He came through the fence at night and managed to take 1/2 of a chicken through the pasture pen. source

How much space do chickens need

Join Dr. Mikelle Roeder, Purina poultry nutrition expert and Hank Will, editor, GRIT Magazine in our Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens video series. Watch this edition for tips on space requirements …

Can I keep different breeds of chickens together? – Chickens in A Minute

http://countrysidenetwork.com/daily/poultry/chickens-101/can-i-keep-different-breeds-of-chickens-together-chickens-in-a-minute-video/ Join Backyard Poultry Magazine in our weekly video series as we answer frequently asked questions about how to raise a healthy backyard chicken flock. This week: Can I keep …