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We Got Chickens!

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Mixed Flock BackYard Chickens

My breeds, of which I have some that are second generation mixed… Black Sumatra, Appenzeller Spizhauben, Australorp, Black Copper Marans, Blue Andalusian, Buckeye, Barnevelder, Excherquer Leghorn, Egyptian Fayoumi, Golden Campine, …

Our First Omelette

The first omelette from the first eggs from our backyard chickens. It took six of the little pullet eggs to make this one! Posted by Baugher Webmaster Services on 2009-08-05 …

Raising Sheep on the Homestead

A compilation of all my sheep raising videos explaining the processes we use, the breed, the source, everything about raising sheep the easy way! All clips are from full-length videos …

backyard chickens – 5

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