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Spying Chickens

Sometimes I get the feeling I’m being spied upon. Then I look out the back door and see the roosters slowly creeping up the steps to check out what I’m …


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How To Raise Chickens and Ducks Together

It is no doubt that chickens can be raised together with other types of birds. Here are some steps on how to raise chickens and ducks together…If you’re a beginner …


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Raising Silkie Chickens

Have fun with chickens with Silkies!! They are easy going poultry that are easy to raise, fun to watch, and great for children and for show chickens. Great for a …

City Chicken

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Seattle backyard chickens, part 1

Brief video on my backyard chickens, daily routine takes about 5 minutes, feeding, moving pen, picking up eggs, coop was made from regular 2x4s, PVC pipes, wire welded fence, comment …

My chickens

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