Russian Architecture

Published on March 15, 2019

Russian Architecture

In research circles today, it is believed that in or around the 9th century AD, that NW Russia was attacked and colonized by "eastern Vikings" from current day Sweden and Finland. The western Norsemen headed West to raise havoc on the British Isles, Normandy, and even around into the Med. These "eastern Vikings" were known as "the RUS", where we get today’s name Russia. They settled primarily along the waterways, such as the Dvina River, founding a permanent settlement at Novgorod and continuing as
far south as Kiev and the Caspian Sea. For a little over 400 years these Norsemen controlled the entire Baltic and North Seas.

From the architecture of the Dvina River Region of NW Russia, the okhlupen was traditionally carved from the root ball of a full larch tree used as a roof ridge support piece. Carvers usually carved horses, rams, or hens and it was believed that these symbols brought peace, safety, and prosperity to all who lived under them.

There was a saying in the north of Russia, "Kuritsa na krishe, v dome tishe." "With a hen on the roof, it’s quiet at home."

This okhlupen and roof ridge were hand carved for our cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mtns of northern California in reclaimed TEAK in a village in Central Java, Indonesia, to the exacting specifications of the historical reference.

Zakopane in the Sierras. Architecture from "the Land of the Blue Eyes".

Architect: Larry Pearson, Pearson Design Group, Bozeman, MT

Master Builder: Matt & Ted Williams, WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION, Clio, California

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