Raising Chickens – 3 Weeks Old Now

Published on February 5, 2018

Just a short video of my new chickens. They are about three weeks old. I want them to be tamed, so I handle them a lot. They actually love me and chirp happily when I come to their cage. They are currently inside the house in a parrot cage turned on its side. Plenty of room for them for now. I take them outside whenever weather and time permit. But I need to stay near to protect them from predators such as cats, birds, possums, skunks, coyotes and so on.

They hang out around my feet outside and stay close. They know I keep them safe. It is cute.

They eat a LOT! They eat all day, every waking minute. And they are growing so fast. These birds will provide eggs and eat the ticks on the property around my place. Dual purpose. I will get 6 more soon and record them as well. I will make a video documentary about raising chickens.