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Happy backyard chicken!

Our Buff Orpington enjoying "free range" time. Posted by LynneAKAK on 2012-05-28 17:34:53 Tagged: , chicken

Chickens in the city

Move over dogs and cats. Chickens are now the must-have pets among urban homesteaders looking to live more sustainably and cultivate their own eggs. Los Angeles Times columnist Susan Carpenter …

backyard chickens

All hens. Red Rocks, Plymouth Barred Rocks, and Rhode Island Reds. Andover, MA 2/6/16 Posted by ophis on 2016-02-22 02:46:26 Tagged: , Phasianidae , Gallus , Gallus gallus domesticus , …

Backyard Chickens

some of our chickens blogged Posted by Petit Design Co. on 2013-08-14 17:27:02 Tagged: , backyard chickens , rhode island red , pearl white leghorn , buff orpington

Raising Chickens: Getting Started

Hey guys, here is some information on getting started raising chickens. I am not an expert, just a dude that has chickens. Hope this helps, thanks for watching, and God …