Marble Race Toy Unboxing by Kinder Playtime

Published on August 27, 2017

Marble Race Toy Unboxing by Kinder Playtime is made by #Imaginarium .
Imaginarium Deluxe Marble Race. Imagination Marble Race Toy.

Marble race is fun and unpredictable. How do you know which marbles will be the winner? The only way is let the marbles race to the bottom.

This is a parody of Kinder Playtime with the following descriptions:
Today on Kinder Playtime we have a Marble Race Toy Unboxing! Jacob loves creating Algodoo Marble Races so much, he immediately asked to buy this toy when we saw it in the store. It has entertained our kids for hours and this specific version can be found at any Toys R Us location. The one we bought is named the Imaginarium Marble Race.

This Imaginarium Deluxe Marble Race is a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive. It is the best way to get your little one interested in building. They’ll love putting the curved tracks together in an endless choice of designs. It will inspire them to explore their imagination and engage in self-expression in a fun and familiar setting. The easy-to-assemble plastic set includes 20 track pieces, 50 connectors, 20 marbles, 9 rollers, 2 paddles, and more. Box dimensions: 19″W x 14″H x 5.5″D.

Hugh loves to play with this marble run. The marble runs down the tube. Whichever marble arrived at the tube first, win! #marblerace

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