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Image from page 157 of

Identifier: homegeographyfor00fair
Title: Home geography for primary grades
Year: 1903 (1900s)
Authors: Fairbanks, Harold W. (Harold Wellman), b. 1860
Subjects: Geography
Publisher: Boston : Educational Publishing Company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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tle village together. In places their holes are sothick that it is dangerous to rideover the ground on horseback.How straight they sit up infront of their holes! Whenalarmed they drop out of sight with a quick whistle.Have you ever seen a wildcat ? This animalis much larger than the house cat. It has a yellow-ish color and short tail. Perhaps you have seenlittle kittens spit and scratch. Before they havebeen handled much they act as the wild kittens do.The wild cat cannot run like the covote, but it willfight more for its protection. It is fond of rabbits,and chickens too. There are many animals that have been huntedso much they are seldom seen. Among these is thebear. We find it now only in the wildest placeswhere few people go. In the fall we may see them around the berry 152 HOME GEOGRAPHY. patches. The bears love blackberries and huckle-berries as well as manzanita berries and hazel nuts.The bear sleeps through the winter. In the springhe comes out of his den very thin and hungry.

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BEARS. How beautiful and graceful the deer are ! Theyhave good noses and slender legs. By these meansthey protect themselves from the most of the otheranimals except man. Do you not think it is wrong to kill the deerfor sport ? They enjoy life as well as we do. Theywill soon be gone if we do not stop hunting them. HOME GEOGRAPHY, 153 QUESTIONS. How do animals differ from plants? Mention some plant eating animals. What animals eat meat? What kind of teeth has the dog? What are his claws for? Do you know any animals that eat both animal and plant food ? What kind of teeth do we have? What is our food? Do you know any plants that live upon the juices of otherplants? Can you imagine why the mole lives in the ground ? What animals love grain? What ones eat nuts? What ones have slender legs for running away from theirenemies? What kinds of food do bears like best? Why is it that so many wild animals have disappeared? How shall we protect the animals? Do you not think the woods would be lone

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