How To Raise Meat Chickens at Home -WEEK 1 – Broiler Chickens – Cornish Cross

Published on December 27, 2017

First Full Week- WEEK 1 How To Raise Meat Chickens at home – Broilers – Cornish Cross
This is our week to week series on How To Raise Meat Chickens on your homestead – Broilers – Cornishes.

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The meat chickens are little over a week old now, and they have grown a good bit since the last video last week. I would say they prob have almost doubled in size, give or take, & usually the broiler chicks do not eat that much the first 4 or 5 days, but by day 6, their appetite goes into full overdrive.

Not much has changed really from last week, but you really need to keep a very close eye on the temp of your brooder. We use the deep litter method, and just keep adding shavings to the existing shavings in the brooder, & what starts happening, is that bedding starts to compost & that produces heat, lots of heat, so you have to be very careful, bc your brooder will get too hot for your broiler chicks or cornish chicks, & they could overheat.

Also, be sure your meat chickens still have plenty of fresh clean water, with a little apple cider vinegar added to it, & at this point, we are still feeding our meat chickens, 24-7 with the nongmo chick starter. And we will feed the meat bird chicks 24-7 for 2 full weeks, & at that point, we will take the food up at night. B/C these meat chickens, will never stop eating, & the cornish cross breed could develop some serious health issues if you do not regulate their feed.

The main thing right now is to make sure that all the cornish chicks are healthy, check the temp of the brooder regularly! And make sure they always have fresh water(We also add apple cider vinegar) & feed with chick grit, bc they do not have way to get grit while in the chick brooder. Also keep an eye out for pastie butt, & see if there any sick chicks, bc you will want to treat or take care of those situations as soon as possible. The last thing you want is a sick chick, causing all your other cornish chicks to get sick, & ruin your meat bird production in this batch of broiler chicks!

We are very small scale, & only raise around 50-75(tops) broiler chickens at a time, & the meat chickens typically take around 6-8 weeks to get to the correct size for processing, & that could vary bc of weather, & other issues like stress from a predator, etc

*Watch How I Built The Brooder for the Cornishes:

We also do not have a super huge clear pasture, so our meat birds are not always on pasture land, they will be in wooded areas as well, but still outside, & moved everyday to fresh ground, on leaves & such, eating bugs, worms, sprouts, & whatever else the meat chickens can find. So they still get to be chickens!

I don’t have lots & lots of land, that is flat or clear cutted for a typical pasture that everyone thinks of, & that is one reason I wanted to show that you can raise meat chickens with what you have, & that you do not need 100 acres of prime grass land pasture for them. Just remember that Chickens are omnivores, not grazers or herbivores, so they do not actually eat a lot of grass. So do not be discouraged about raising meat chickens bc you do not have that beautiful pasture land that we all think of. Get creative & come up with a plan to raise your own broiler chickens that fits your situation & work with what you have!

We feed our meat chickens a nongmo chick starter, & will do that the entire time. We also add a organic cows milk or if we can get it, goat’s milk to our feed when the meat birds get a little older. We will also feed fodder if need be & give them kitchen scraps as well.

Stick around for WEEK 2 next week, & hope you enjoy how we raise meat chickens YouTube video!
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Hope you enjoyed this youtube video on how to get started raising your meat chickens broiler chickens cornish crosses, & I hope it gives you the push to grow your own food as well!

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Hope you enjoyed this youtube video on how to get started raising your meat chickens broiler chickens cornish crosses, & I hope it gives you the push to grow your own food as well!