How to Raise Chickens in Hot Climates – Fun video about chickens eating ice for the first time

Published on January 17, 2017

How to Raise Chickens in Hot Climates – Fun video about chickens seeing ice for the first time

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IN this video watch as these chickens encounter ice for the first time.

Interested in raising chickens?

Backyard Chickens – Getting Started

So you have decided to join the growing community of urban farmers and chicken keepers by raising your own backyard chickens?

You are about to embark on an exciting, fun, and rewarding journey.

Whether you are wanting to keep a pet chicken or raise backyard chickens for fresh produce the following is our 4 step plan to get you off to the best start.

Step 1 – Invest in a good book about raising backyard chickens

Check out our list of the best books on raising backyard chickens here.

Step 2 – Why raise backyard chickens?

Before you get too excited and rush off to the nearest farm to buy your first chickens, take a moment to decide why you want to raise backyard chickens.

Are you after a pet chicken or do you want to raise backyard chickens for eggs or meat? Do you have a young family and want your children to be actively involved in raising the chickens?

Here are some reasons why you might want to raise backyard chickens

– Easy and inexpensive to get started and maintain
– Fresh eggs!
– You know where your eggs are coming from
– Free fertiliser
– Great for pest control (one chicken can debug 12-sqft a week)
– Convert your left over food scraps into eggs
– They are fun, friendly pets with loads of personality
– Teach your children about where their food comes from
– Check out this great infographic on the power of one chicken.

Understanding why you want to raise backyard chickens is important to help you select the best breed, the space you will need, and what backyard chicken stuff you will need to buy.

Step 3 – Are backyard chickens legal in your city?

Now you could run the gauntlet of the local ordinance enforcement officers by going rouge and simply getting your backyard chickens but we strongly recommend you check your local city ordinances and local chicken laws first.

These laws will normally specify how many chickens you can keep, whether you need a permit, how far they need to be kept from neighbours, and what type of housing they need.

It is also a good idea to discuss your plans to raise backyard chickens with your neighbours to maintain a good relationship with them (offering them free eggs helps!).

Step 4 – Your backyard chicken startup plan

– City permit (if applicable).
– Chickens of course! Get our copy of our e-book on selecting the best chicken breed simply buy subscribing or check out our post on selecting the best breed of chicken for beginners.
– A chicken coop including egg boxes. Check out our post on the top 9 chicken coops you can buy online.
– Fencing if necessary.
– An incubator if you have decided to hatch chickens from eggs. Check out our posts on incubating eggs and raising chicks.
– A brooder to keep chicks warm if you want to raise chicks.
– Feeders and waterers.
– Chickens food. For more details see our post on what to feed chickens.
– Bedding (wood shavings or straw) for your chickens.

Finally you will need your sense of humour and a spirit of adventure and you are all set to go.

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