How to Keep Chickens Bug Free – Urban Farming

Published on July 12, 2018

Ever wonder
how To Keep Your Backyard Chickens Bug-Free?
in this day and age this is great knowledge!

Chickens are victim to ectroparasites such
as lice, fleas and mites.
researchers at the University of
California, Riverside have conducted a study
with their chicken coops.

5 out of 20 chickens were found to have
lice, mites and fleas.
Not a major health concern for people
but very uncomfortable for the chickens
which can lead to permanent damage.

If you have chickens or thinking of getting
them, inspect them before you take them home
and don’t forget to give them full cleanings.

make sure your chickens’ feed
and water isn’t being accessed by
birds and rodents, which
introduce parasites.

If you are ok with pesticides there is
chemicals like pyrethrins
and pyrethroids—the natural
and synthetic versions are

You are one step closer
to having healthy chickens whether
you live off in the country
or indulging in urban farming.