City to farm life, funny goat having babies to raising backyard chickens, ducks get a new apartment

Published on December 21, 2016

If we can do a backyard farm anyone can but it’s so much work. I just moved in with my son about a month ago and I never have been on a farm in my life until now. I know it’s a little tiny backyard farm, but I look forward every morning to going out visiting the animals and feeding and cleaning the area up.
From a city girl to living out in the boonies, from temperatures that I’m used to that reach 118 in the summer to now a normal summer temperature is 76° and I’m still freezing! That will definitely take time to get used to.i’ve been researching the Internet since I moved in to try to find out the best way to organize the chicken coops, keep them clean or at least cleaner than what they are now and some nice do it yourself ideas and tips. Like in the video at a yard sale for five since we purchased a old breadbox and minutes ago just made the chicken an extra place to sleep, nest and lay their eggs.

It’s lots of work!! Or did I say that already twice!

Nala, the female goat trying is in labor to have babies(kids in goat talk). Oden the male goat in the cage for Nala and her babies hopefully any day now, her water broke and is nesting but no babies yet. New to this and it’s a never ending day and journey caring for them but well worth the loyalty of the animals and good organic eggs soon, getting new coops and researching away.

I just want to know how to organize and keep track of all of the eggs that we’re getting every day. We get about 12 to 17 eggs per day and maybe to duck eggs per day. The ducks just started laying eggs again about two days ago and we are so trying to figure out how to get them to lay more eggs and what we need to do for them. I read that cooking with ducks eggs is a chefs dream!

When I made a cake it’s a entire different experience and the best tasting cake I’ve had, it even rose double and taste so much better!!

Eating over easy duck eggs are smooth and really good too but I am not one to even care for eating scrambled to over easy eggs myself and these taste amazing.

Any ideas and recipes please let me know, we would so appreciate happy to try them. If anybody out there knows what to do with all my extra eggs and how to organize them out every day and keep track I would appreciate any information.

We put the big gated cage up that Odan the goat is in that was donated to Nick by his neighbors which took us only about an hour to put up, pretty nice item to have.

We also put a waterproof canopy on top and covered the ground with hay plus a super large container so Nala can have a little peace and try to have her babies and they will keep warm, sleep and definitely away from the animals that want pester her! Especially, that Oden, the male goat !!! He still wants to mate with her and tries even though she’s getting ready to have babies! (Kids)Gotta keep them way apart after those kids,so Nala does not get pregnant again too close after just having her kids.

The two black dogs are brothers, Angus the lab is 16 years old and smiles everyday ear to ear, tried to get him to smile but to excited to play ball!! Then there’s buckwheat the dog that plays with his invisible friend out there!!! They are brothers and Nicks uncle Toms dogs he had for 16 years after losing Tom at an early age a shirt but ago, Nick kept his promise of taking care of them.!!Thats Nick playing fetch out there or throwing the . Oden is a pestering goat for sure and had to lock him up. Not sure why he is always pestering me!!
The end …Now it’s our backyard barn farm…..since I’ve taken to feeding, cleaning and spending hours researching diy ideas to make this work and making it fun, happy and clean back there. Maybe a zoo by years end!!!