Chicken Raising and Caring: A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Your Backyard Chickens

Published on February 26, 2017

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Are you planning to raise chickens in your backyard and is wondering if this project is difficult and time-consuming, or how many chickens do you need to get started? Or have you started raising chickens in your backyard but still have a lot of questions about taking care of your chickens such as how do you introduce a new chicken to an existing flock?

“Chicken Raising and Caring: A Beginner’s Guide to Raising Your Backyard Chickens” is a comprehensive guide that has all the questions you have about raising and caring for chickens. The first part of this book is all about raising and caring for chickens while the second half is about constructing your chicken coop with a list of materials and tools to build your chicken coop from scratch. It contains information about:

Should I Keep My Own Chickens?
Your Responsibilities as a Chicken Keeper
Mating & Rituals
Insemination & Impregnation
Choosing the Right Breed for You
Optimum Coop Conditions
What Should Be Inside Your Chicken Coop
Top Tips to Sanitizing Your Chicken Coop
Coop Safety
Different Types of Feeds for Your Chickens
Tips on Introducing New Members to Your Existing Flock
Keeping Your Chickens in Good Health
Common Chicken Diseases and How to Treat Them
To Free-Range, Go Organic or Not?
Building Your Chicken Coop
Top Tips for Chicken Coop Design
Materials to Use for Your Chicken Coop
To DIY, Use A Kit, Buy Off the Shelf or Adapt A Building?
What Type Of Flooring Is Best For A Chicken Coop?
What Type Of Bedding Should You Use In Your Chicken Coop?
The Benefits and Perils of Chicken Wire
A Selection of Plans and Designs for a Chicken Coop
Basic Skills, Materials and Tools You Need To Design and Build Your Own Coop
How to Source Cheap Building Materials
How to Save on Your Chicken Coop
List of the Most Durable Materials for Your Chicken Coop

So if you are curious about chicken raising then get a copy of this eBook now and start taking care of chickens in your own backyard.