chicken coop and brooder for egg laying backyard chickens

Published on March 23, 2017

Raising Chickens: To train chicks to leave their brooder to free range before they start laying eggs in the backyard of their new owners, I built a run area that I call their atrium. The run is connected to the brooder via a small tunnel. In the atrium I planted greens that egg laying hens love to eat. I also built a roost with driftwood we found at the beach. The trunk of the roost is held vertical with a tie at the center of the roof frame. The driftwood branches are screwed in horizontal positions to give them a raised branch to sleep. This in one of the best chicken coop plans I’ve come up with. The atrium area also connects to the other coop when needed. The plants are on my landscape irragation system, and the 4 waterers within the entire coop automatically fills when when my yard irrigation turns on every other day. The brooder has a heat lamp and an old slow cooker that the chicks love to sleep in. I removed some of the heating wire inside to cooker to prevent it from getting too hot.