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Simple Homemade Egg Incubator idea

For More Info:“Moving from the City to the Country”Here is a very simple egg incubator idea made from things around your house. The best incubator is a hen …

Why Raise Silkie Chickens ?

A viewer asked why I raised silkie chickens. I made this video to show some of the positives plus: they go broody and hatch their own eggs easily, are great …

How To: Raise backyard chickens

Eliza Lord with Appalachian Feet blog shares her how to for raising backyard chickens and other homesteading information.Sign up for a class: source

Becky’s Homestead 13: Baby Chickens

In this episode Becky talks about how to raise and care for baby chickens. She discusses feeding, housing, and watering.THIS IS SHOW #: source

Feeding and keeping happy backyard chickens!

Today we feed our chickens and I share my passion for happy, healthy backyard poultry.*We make videos about Organic gardening, mealworm farming, backyard chickens and aquaponics! ***Check our our other …