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Happy Backyard Chickens

Chicken breeds: Rhode Island Red, Golden Buff, Black Star, Danish Brown Leghorn, Delaware, Gold Wyandotte, Barred Plymouth Rock, and Araucana source

Super Health Food Fodder for Backyard Chickens

Health Food Fodder for Backyard Chickens just may be as good as wild food, because at certain times of the year it’s almost impossible for the chickens to hunt, …

Urban Chickens

Meet two young city dwellers fighting the law by harbouring their “pets”. Find out more about how Evergreen is helping to source locally grown food in your community – …

City Chickens

Just a few days after the city of Columbus Ohio approved this city coop and all 6 birds, John does the morning chores. source

What Do Chickens Eat?

In this episode Becky shows you what to feed chickens so you get plenty of farm fresh eggs. Raising chickens in your backyard is really easy if you know a …