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She had been in our front yard for a few days, and yesterday I got her into the backyard. I asked the mailman if he knew anyone with chickens in …

My chickens

free ranging around my garden. Posted by Anna Sunny Day on 2015-11-18 18:16:46 Tagged: , chickens , back yard

chicken in october

Posted by Pumora on 2014-10-30 10:58:51 Tagged: , chicken , backyard , rooster , farm , animals , birds


sesame and curry wander free in the yard for a bit. Posted by elucidare on 2011-05-17 23:43:16 Tagged: , chickens , backyard chickens

Golden star

Posted by JoeAbbott on 2011-09-17 16:37:11 Tagged: , Garden , backyard , chickens


Some backyard chicken pics, including our foster hens. Posted by Kimberly Jennery on 2011-06-05 07:30:48 Tagged: , chickens


This is Gracie our Rhode Island Red cross Rhode Island White hen enjoying my backyard. Posted by moonstone_64 on 2010-04-05 20:46:03 Tagged: , my backyard , chicken , hen