Caring for Baby Chicks Week 3: Raising Friendly Chickens & Coop/Run Update

Published on September 8, 2017

Here is the third update on raising our baby chicks! This video from Simple Suburban Living will show you just how easy it is to care for your baby ISA Brown chicks. Our chicks are currently living in a homemade brooder box in our basement. We have not lost any and they seem very happy! They have been extremely easy to care for. We have also completed the chicken coop and currently working on the detachable chicken run, and included photos of that as well. The chicken coop has a built-in tray for easy cleaning.

These chicks were purchased from TSC on 3/30/14 and are between 4-5 weeks old.

Tractor Supply Company Products featured here
– Feeder –
– Chicken feed –
– Chicken Waterer –

Check out the Simple Suburban Living General Store for a complete list products

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions or tips for us!

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