Calgary Backyard Chickens/Urban Hens Video with HS Visit

Published on October 29, 2017

Calgarians have a growing passion for urban agriculture, food security, urban hens, permaculture, composting, gray water usage, water conservation, smart-building, smart communities, landshare, cycling, public transportation which can all be connected with a resource centre in downtown Calgary Centre.
Why should Calgarians continue to be visited and ticketed when a grandfathering option was even included in the initial discussion with Bylaw and CLUCK.
Education and Understanding about the benefits of Urban Chickens.
Add some fun to developing and building Calgary’s history.
Bring some aspects of agriculture back to Calgary and protect the rights of people who want to grow food and have urban chickens.
Acquire Land-Use Allowance within city limit for urban farms.
Plant Fruit bearing Trees and Berry bushes throughout Calgary Centre.
Food Security in Calgary Centre will be presented by The Libertarian Party Candidate for MP.
There is a need for this city to show cooperation and support for people’s rights.

The importance of Agriculture in the National life.
Food Security development in the City of Calgary.
Develop an Urban Agriculture Resource Centre in Calgary Centre.