Backyard chickens in Brooklyn Park?

Published on February 5, 2018

After several months of discussion, the Brooklyn Park City Council voted down a proposal that would have allowed residents to raise chickens in their back yard.

The proposal, which would have allowed interested residents up to five chickens each, is similar to ones taken up by neighboring cities from Maple Grove to Golden Valley as a push for fresh eggs and locally grown food takes root.

In Brooklyn Park Monday evening, several residents expressed their distaste for the proposal citing concerns ranging from cleanliness to noise.

“I just see the difficulty in keeping the chicken runs and the chicken coops clean,” said resident David Sladek.

New Council Member John Jordan raised questions about bogging down the city’s code enforcement staff with another ordinance change. Jordan also cited concerns about an existing coyote problem in Brooklyn Park and the likelihood that backyard chickens would attract even more coyotes.

“The bottom line is they don’t belong here, we live in a suburban environment, we have bigger issues,” said Jordan.

In the end, council members Bob Mata and Elizabeth Knight were only votes in favor of the proposal.

Mata said he’s seen the positive effects of raising chickens in the city. Mata said his son in Colorado Springs has a flock of eleven chickens, and it’s help bring his son’s neighborhood together.

“It’s actually created a greater sense of camaraderie in the neighborhood having those chickens,” said Mata.

The proposal was ultimately defeated by a vote of 4-2.

Alexandra Renslo reporting

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