Backyard Chickens

Published on January 1, 2018

Something a little different today, somebody heard our chickens in my grooming tote video and asked to see a video on my chickens and I thought that would be a cute idea!

So this video is about my chickens! Chicken are fun, they are easy to care for, and the give you eggs just about every day.

We bought our chickens online, and they shipped them to us when they were one day old. I was a little worried about them getting to us ok, but they did! The company sent us 12 chickens even though we ordered 10, I guess they were being proactive in case 2 didn’t make it, but they all did! And here they are, at 7 months old and all healthy, and happy.

So now we have 16 chickens! We built a larger hen house for them, added a lot of roosts and a few more nesting areas, and now we get over a dozen eggs a day from our prolific egg producers.
Chickens are very easy to care for, making them a great addition to your backyard farm, or as a source for eggs.

I love our chickens!

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