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Becky’s Homestead 302: Laying Hens In this homesteading video Becky shows you the 3 chicken breeds that make the best laying hens for someone who is just getting started raising backyard chickens. THIS IS …


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Backyard Chickens Gaining Popularity

For many, the perks of living in the countryside are tough to beat. Now, city dwellers are flocking to put their own touch on a farming trend by raising their …


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Buff Orpington Pet Chickens

Matilda and Matilda 🙂 2 of our 6 gals Posted by Angelnina on 2010-02-07 02:36:30 Tagged: , Buff Orpingtons , chickens , hens , backyard chickens , birds , pets

IT FROZE! Are the Meat Chickens OK???

IT’S WINTER & IT”S COLD!!! And here is this how we raised we Raise Meat Chickens In The WINTER on our homestead. The temps are finally dropping here in Alabama, …